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Welcome to Healthcare Planning Academy

A membership organisation for healthcare planning professionals which aims to maintain and continuously improve standards and knowledge and to provide entrants and practitioners within the discipline with a professional development resource and an industry-wide framework of recognised accreditation.

What we do

The aim of the Academy is to provide a professional development resource to entrants and practitioners within the discipline, to establish an industry-wide framework of accreditation and to maintain and continuously improve standards.

Why we do it

We bring together individuals and organisations to promote best-practice and facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration. In doing so, we aim to be the leading industry voice, informing health policy and driving achievable innovation into healthcare systems and infrastructure.

Our membership

Membership of the Academy is open to people who can demonstrate proficiency and experience in healthcare planning supported by case studies.

Quarterly meetings of the Health Planning Academy

Virtual networking through Microsoft Teams Health Planning Academy channel

Access to Health Planning Experience and Expertise and Health Planning Thought Leadership

Latest events and seminars

The Academy runs regular seminars on healthcare planning topics for members, and bi-monthly events with guest speakers open to all. Here is a look at some of our most recent events and seminars.

02 May 2023

Utilisation – why higher isn’t always better

Organiser: Lexica

Venue: Archus office

06 June 2023

Integrated healthcare systems – a question of balance?

Organiser: Archus

Speakers: Nigel Edwards

Venue: Teams

04 July 2023

Hospital content – in, out, shake it all about?

Organiser: Buchan Ass

Venue: Teams